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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2022


September 4th


We felt the need to complete the circle of our journey with PCFLV. As Tommy’s friends say, “This isn’t good-bye, it’s see ya Slater.” Tommy Stackhouse passed away May 26, 2022, at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia from complications of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He was in remission from his second transplant.

Tommy was a freshman in college at Northampton Community College majoring in Special Education with a 4.0 GPA and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society all while having treatment and receiving a stem cell transplant. Thanks to PCFLV, he received a very generous scholarship covering his first year of college. PCFLV has been with our family since day one of treatment - always offering their support, whether it was a catered meal, gift cards or a hospital visit. We treasure all the incredible friendships that were made and will continue to blossom. The journey will continue to honor Tommy’s legacy, and we will always support our friends at PCFLV in any way we can.

In the middle of his journey, Tommy was made an honorary member of Liberty Fire Company #2. He was unable to become an active member, but wanted to save all the animals. At Tommy’s funeral service, the captain of the fire company made a poignant remark. “People say we are brave because we run into burning buildings…we aren’t brave, Tommy was brave.” He never complained while receiving treatment. We need to be “brave like Tommy”!

Written by Tommy’s mom, Shelly

Please consider helping children with cancer and others in our community by scheduling a blood donation at Miller-Keystone Blood Center:

If you would like to donate in Tommy's honor

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