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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2023

September 25th


Hello, my name is Lexi, and I am 11 years old.  I am in 6th grade.  PCFLV is special to me because every summer they host a camp called Camp Smile.  Camp Smile allows me to see my old friends and make new ones.  Every day we do a bunch of different activities.  One of my favorite activities is swimming.  We get to cool off after a long day before we go home.  Another activity is different animals coming to visit.  Every camper also gets their own counselor.  Counselors get to help their campers with activities throughout the day.  In the future, I’m looking forward to being a counselor.  Throughout the week, we work on a play, and we get to show our parents at the end of the week.  My favorite thing about PCFLV and Camp Smile is that everyone is special in their own way.  

In addition to Camp Smile, there are other activities with PCFLV.  Events at the Banana Factory, cooking, and crafts.  Also, the Ready, Set, GOLD walk.  That was really fun, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Written by Lexi

Please consider helping children with cancer and others in our community by scheduling a blood donation at Miller-Keystone Blood Center:

If you would like to donate in Lexi's honor.

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