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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2020


September 4th

Our Miss Hailey goes back a little with PCFLV. We met these wonderful women when Hailey was first diagnosed with Wilms tumor in January 2019. Hailey surprised us with an early remission that October. We were so grateful!! It was a rough year for Hailey and for all of us. These wonderful women helped us so much with gift cards for food and gas, and with activities that brought Hailey and our boys so much joy!

After routine testing the following April, we learned that Hailey’s cancer was back and on her lungs. We were heart broken, again. How could she go through this...again?! We were told this time around the treatments would be even more intense. Prayer gave us all, especially Hailey, the strength to get up and fight again. Immediately PCFLV jumped right in, asking how they could help. They are just amazing! The treatment plan this time around will end with a month long stay at the hospital for a stem cell transplant after some very harsh chemo. I reached out through PCFLV to other parents who have been through the same thing. They were such a great comfort to me!! Having people who really know what it’s like means so much!

This world we live in, this cancer world, would completely break us if it weren’t for God, amazing doctors, and the support of these wonderful women who have come together to give us all what we need to get through it all. Our Hailey is a fighter, in her words a superhero! And she truly is!! She will beat this!!!!

Written by her mom, Emily


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