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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2020


September 27th

We are Jim and Danielle. We lost someone we love. We are navigating a grief journey.

Our fourteen year old son, Harrison, was diagnosed with T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma when he was twelve years old. He passed away at the young age of fourteen. He was intelligent, funny, kind, strong, brave and so much more! He was so handsome and had the cutest little dimple. He had a great smile. He is loved. He is missed. We are blessed to be his parents.

We are Melissa and Kayla. Beloved parents to our angel boy, Jackson.

Jackson was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia when he was 18 months old. He fought hard during his battle with cancer having endured 2 bone marrow transplants, various chemotherapies, and donor lymphocyte infusions. He passed away just 3 weeks shy of his 3rd birthday following complications from surgery. Jackie T loved superheroes, tractor rides, swimming at gram’s and pap’s, and playing with his cousins, Lily and Piper. He was sweet, loving, brave and a bit stubborn - and was the best cuddlebug ever.

The trauma of a loss as great as your child shatters you at your core. You fight to find your bearings on life and the “new reality” you’re living in. The truth is - it will never feel real! How can it be that I loved this child his whole life, and now he’s gone? Taken too soon.

Life has asked us to face challenges. Life has asked us to walk into loss that broke our hearts in places that will never fully mend. We were left without a compass on a journey we did not want to take. A journey into the world of grief and bereavement. We needed a navigation tool to guide us through this heartbreak - to give us peace and clarity in a confusing and chaotic time. We needed to help our family heal.

There is no right way to heal from grief and trauma, and no right timeline. The depth of hurt experienced from the loss of a child is not something you just get over. If you’re lucky, you have people that will stand by you, who will remind you to do what you need to do to heal - even if it changes who you were “before”. These are the people who will come out to the other side with you - with bonds sealed with love, memories, laughs and tears.

The Bereaved Parents Group sponsored by PCFLV helps us to turn inward and face the pain, guilt and heartbreak. The journey of a bereaved parent is one we never anticipated we’d be traveling, but this group helps us navigate through by sharing our stories and experiences with one another. By doing so, the memories of our dear children are kept alive!

Written by Danielle and Jim and Melissa and Kayla


If you would like to donate in Harrison’s & Jackson's honor

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