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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2020


September 21st

It’s crazy…this life’s design. You never know how significant a person will be. A moment will be. A relationship will be. Until He shows you.

I met LeeZa while I was a student under one of her therapists during a clinical rotation. Her presence is powerful and intimidating in that she stands her ground like a mighty wall.

But once she smiles…and oh my gosh when she laughs…I swear flowers bloom. I met LeeZa again in a completely different world…as two completely different women. Our children are both battling leukemia. And in this new life, we've become family.

Jack stands strong and powerful like his mother. His stature like a solid wall. But as they have the same soul, when he smiles, the darkest room gets lighter. And when he laughs (I'm literally crying writing this line), it literally brings a stadium full of opposing fans to their knees. Jack's journey has been so much more than just his body fighting cancer. His journey has been fighting to stand... o stand and fight while battling cancer. He has spent more time in the hospital and in and out of doctors’ offices than he has been at home. He has fought for his life in the PICU both mentally and physically. His internal organs have suffered damage. His bones and joints are struggling to keep him upright. His brain has been flooded with toxins causing damage he mentally has to work through on a daily basis. But Jack…Jack is a wall that can't be broken. He along with his incredible family and team are working to get Jack back on his feet.

And Jack, holding his mother's heart deep inside his chest, despite having the right to curl inside darkness, he chooses to be a light. He and his mother give gifts to other warriors like Jack. They had a toy drive. They make masks. They had the most hilarious band party in their kitchen to support my warrior. And Jack continues to heal other's wounds through his beautiful laugh that could only bellow from Jack. He is by far one of the most remarkable people I will ever know. And his beauty radiates from the roots he grows from.

I had no idea then who we would be to one another now. But I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of LeeZa and Jack in our life. Love you guys!

Written by Shari Ann, Jack’s friend


If you would like to donate in Jack’s honor

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