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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2020


September 19th

Hi, my name is Jacob, and I’m going to tell you about the times when I had cancer. When I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. My cancer was located above my right eye. When the tumor started to form, my family and I thought I just had gotten hit in football. But the tumor started to grow even bigger. My parents were worried so they took me to the hospital. When we went to the hospital, they couldn’t find anything so we got transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to have surgery. After I had surgery, the doctors found I had cancer. After we found out, I had chemotherapy for nine months. During the chemotherapy, I also had radiation. The radiation I had was laser beam, burning the tumor. After I completed radiation and chemotherapy…I did it! I beat cancer!

I was in remission for one year but then the same thing happened again. I started having the bump again. So my parents took me to the hospital. A couple of days later, the doctors called my mom and told her to come in. When we got there, they told us I had cancer again. I had to have more and stronger chemotherapy. I had to have chemo for one and a half years. It really sucked because I got sick and threw up a lot. After taking all the chemotherapy…the doctors called my mom and told her the good news…I beat cancer again!

That is the story of the times I had cancer.

Written by Jacob

Marilyn’s (Jacob’s mom) note:

My family and I are just so grateful for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley. They have fought right along with Jacob and my family. They have provided us with gas cards to get back and forth from Philadelphia, gift cards so we are able to eat and provide meals, vouchers so we can eat free at CHOP, backpacks filled with school supplies, Easter baskets, Christmas gifts and meals, and Thanksgiving dinner!!! As well as meals from local restaurants, date nights for moms, dads, and couples, and so much more that they have done for us and many families. This organization allows me to have peace of mind, especially when I am not able to provide. Thanks so much for everything that you ladies do. We love you so much and we cannot wait to be able to show our gratitude.


If you would like to donate in Jacob’s honor

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