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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2020


September 1st

In the early morning hours of November 20th, 2019 we received a call that would forever change our lives. We were told that our 4 year-old daughter, McCoy, had alarming blood test results, and that we needed to bring her to the emergency room immediately. Once we arrived at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital, we were told that our outgoing, strong-willed, kind, and incredibly sassy daughter had High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We were devastated. I clearly remember thinking that this was our “before-and-after-cancer” moment. Our world was completely turned upside down. In our darkest moments, we were unaware that a massive amount of support was being assembled. PCFLV became part of our story immediately, providing reassurance that they would be by our sides throughout this journey.

McCoy began intensive chemotherapy treatment immediately and remained inpatient for 30 days. While it was necessary for my husband to return to work, I remained with McCoy around the clock. Though bustling, the hospital can be a very lonely place. I looked forward to visits from PCFLV. Through their Caregiver Coffee initiative, I could count on a warm hug and a full mug of much-needed coffee. PCFLV recognizes the difficulty of being a caregiver and aims to support the entire family. I have learned throughout this difficult journey that the little things are truly the big things. McCoy still has a very long road ahead of her but she remains tenacious and resilient (and still very sassy). We are grateful for PCFLV, our outstanding care team at LVRCH, and all the brave warrior families that continue to rally around us.

Written by her mom, Laura


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