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30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2020


September 8th

As a parent, you never really consider that one day, you might be faced with the fact that your child has a tumor or has cancer. You see stories; you feel sad for families that go through this crazy experience; but you never really think this will happen to your child. Our little man had 3 scares by the time he was 2…each scare requiring surgery…and one scare being the real thing…cancer. I was grappling with the news that my son needed to have surgery at age 2 to have a tumor that was adhered to his spine removed and our family was blessed that a friend connected us to PCFLV.

I was searching for hope, searching for answers, searching for any resource and support I could get my hands on. Someone told me to reach out to one of the amazing women that run PCFLV. The very next day was Noah’s surgery, and someone from PCFLV was messaging me asking if we needed company in the waiting room, if we wanted pizza delivered whenever we got to go home, and most importantly of all, she got us connected to this organization for life.

Noah was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma. He is now 5 and doing wonderfully with regular scans but no treatment needed. We have had an easy journey compared to so many families who are part of PCFLV, but this journey was still filled with fear…fear of surgery outcomes, fear of what treatment might be needed, fear for every scan that takes place, fear that his sister is affected by the experience, etc. One of the many amazing things PCFLV does for their families is offer fun family events at no cost. We have had the opportunity to participate in many of these over the past 3 years including using their season tickets for Iron Pigs games. Our family loves going to the Iron Pigs and we are so grateful for the fun, fearless night watching baseball together. The kids have enjoyed going on fun, themed nights and standing by the dugout to get autographs and watching exciting games. There is so much more I can say about PCFLV but most importantly, I say “thank you”. Please help support this amazing organization, knowing that there are parents who have to come to terms with the fact that someone actually did say the words to them, “Your child has cancer”.

Written by his mom, Erin


If you would like to donate in Noah's honor

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