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September 14th

30 DAYS/30 STORIES® 2021

Jack’s Story

Jack was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in May of 2018 and received care at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. The uncertainty of the last 3 years was always a stress. Trying to plan for what might happen was at times overwhelming. Going from a two-income household to one for months on end and trying to figure out the basics like gas and groceries seemed to be the least of our worries…but also a major one. 


PCFLV often took that burden away with their gas and grocery gift cards. We had the money to get Jack to Philadelphia, to go to the store and get the food that our steroid-taking boy had to have to be able to rest. When we’d have an unexpected stay at the hospital, or sleepover as Jack would call them, and the social worker walked in with the cafeteria gift cards for us from PCFLV, it was like a sigh of relief too many times to count.

Before becoming a cancer family, I can honestly say that I didn’t always think of the big picture of what these families go through…the worries about basic things on top of the worry about their sick child. Relieving the stress and anxiety of these families by helping provide the basics like food and gas really is a huge help and gift. Families like ours can then channel more energy back into the real battle…fighting pediatric cancer. 


Written by Lauryn, Jack’s mom

Please consider donating in Jack’s honor to support PCFLV's mission.

Please also consider helping local kids with cancer by donating blood at Miller-Keystone Blood Center: 


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